The Basics of Personal Training: Does Having Your Own Fitness Trainer Truly Help?

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Receiving personal training or having your own fitness trainer may seem like a frivolity at the start, but it’s certainly not so when you take the time to really understand what personal training is all about.

Personal Training: What Is It Really?

With personal training, you employ a professional fitness trainer to provide you with a workout program that’s designed to suit your current physical condition, skills, fitness goals, and even your personality. It will also take into account any other personal preferences you may have in terms of men’s fitness or women’s fitness, whichever may apply in your situation.

A Well-Balanced Workout

With personal training, you can also ensure that the workout you are following is well-balanced between weight lifting and aerobic exercise. Many people mistakenly assume that only those who are into body building have to perform weight training and, consequently, only those who want to shed off excess pounds have to do aerobic exercise.

The truth is, no matter what your fitness goals are you need to do both. Aerobic exercise is essential to improve your stamina and enhance your overall health. Weight lifting is needed to build your strength, tone your muscles, and get you the figure you want. With the help of a personal trainer, you can however be assured that your workout will consist of the appropriate number of hours and the exact type of aerobic and weight lifting exercises that befit your condition.
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Is Personal Training Ideal for Children?

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If you do not help your child now with his battle against obesity, then he is guaranteed to have a greater struggle in his hands as the years pass. Hiring a professional trainer will at least ensure that he does not fall into the kind of daily routine or lifestyle that would promote further idleness in his part and cause a further increase in his weight. Simply put, a trainer will ensure that your child keeps moving to burn off calories in the safest possible way.

Physically debilitating conditions

Asthma and anemia are just some of the types of illnesses that may make your child feel and seem weaker than their peers. Having a professional trainer working with them can, however, ensure that he is able to gradually build his own strength in spite of his condition.

Asyour child’s condition prevents him or her from exercising the way most children do, a personal trainer is definitely needed to ensure that your child gets just the right amount of aerobic exercise and weight lifting and does so at the right pace as well.
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A Beginner’s Guide to Weight Lifting

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Unlike aerobic exercise, weight lifting generally does not appear suitable for everyone. Most people assume that it’s the type of workout more suitable for men’s fitness rather than women’s fitness. But as any fitness trainer offering personal training is likely to tell you, weight lifting is an integral part of anyone’s workout program and regardless of what their weight objectives may be.

Define your goals

There are various types of weight lifting programs, and you should take the time to determine which one is most suitable in your case. Women lift weights for more defined and toned muscles while some men prefer to pump iron to bulk up and have bulging muscles to flaunt. And you may find this hard to believe but weight lifting may also be good for weight loss.

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Muay Thai Equipment History

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Muay Thai is one of the oldest and most popular martial arts to have emerged out of ancient Asia. It is believed to have originated in Thailand, where it was created by tribes migrating down from China, first in order to assist in the fierce warfare required for the conquest of land, and then later used to protect that very land from invaders. Through centuries of warfare and training it was eventually refined into the modern day combat sport it is known as today. In Thailand it is elevated to almost religious levels, being practiced in numerous gyms and dojos across the country. It has become known as the sport of kings, and one of the greatest honors of the sport is the opportunity to fight before the King of Thailand. It is also a corner stone of the modern day sport of mixed martial arts, commonly referred to as MMA.

Muay Thai has been a part of Thai culture from its earliest days. The watershed moment for the sport came in 1584 with the ascension of King Naresuan in what is now referred to as the Ayuddhaya period. The king stipulated that every soldier in his army had to be trained in Muay Thai just as he had been, which greatly helped to popularize the martial art.
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5 Ways to Create an Edge in Life and Then Some

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Life is good at creating a lot of problems for people, whether its adversity, pain, divorce, death, stress, the list could go on. But, do you crumble? Or do you lean on your will and overcome it? Life is about a series of punches being thrown at us and eventually you will get knocked down. Even the great and most successful people get knocked down. But, it’s up to you to either stay down or get back up and keep swinging. In this article I will be sharing my 5 ways to create an edge in life and then some. I will also being using training and nutrition examples to clarify my points. These 5 tips will help you go a long way with whatever life has in store for you. I’m not saying this article will cure everything in life, but I promise I will make you think about a lot of things and I almost guarantee you will want to implement some of these tips in your daily lives and really see what you’re made of.

Working Out in the Winter

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Come Rain, Sleet or Three Feet Of Snow, Do Your Workout!

I remember a January morning in Toronto: Clear skies, and a bitter, face-burning wind-chill of -35° C. The next morning there was a heavy snowfall, no sun, and a slightly warmer -15° C. Everything seems to slow down. There are fewer cars on the road. People remain indoors with the heat turned way up.

If you want to work out there’s no better time. The gym will be mostly empty because it’s just too cold to go outside from point A to point B.

How many times have you decided against going for a workout, a run or a yoga class because of the weather?

If you’re a competitive athlete you’ve got external influences, such as a coach or a team that you’re accountable to, so you stick to your training regardless of the weather. Or maybe you have a workout partner or a trainer who will be waiting for you at the gym for a session, forcing you to be there. It hurts to have to cancel last-minute when there is a cost associated with cancelling.

But what if you are going to the gym on your own and the weather is getting you down? This is understandable to a point, but is it the weather’s fault or just your decision not to go? The truth is that bad weather is only an excuse. If you live in Toronto or any similar climate where we get months of winter, the more you make excuses the harder it will be to keep up with your fitness goals.

Here are some suggestions to help you stay on track with your fitness plan during the winter months:
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